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Shenzhen Zhenhua Purification Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer specializing in developing various air filters using in digital cinema projectors, portable/multimedia projector & vehicle.
Thanks for our strong R&D capability, we have been upgrading our air filter as per customer’s different requirements. Now we are still researching and developing our unique technology to be used in our next generation air filter, which combines the most advanced with integrated technology. Our air filters have been got good reputation from over 60 countries for its high performance.
Our air filters are not only widely used in many digital cinema projectors & portable projector, such as NEC, CHRISTIE, BARCO, SANYO, PANASONIC, HITACHI and so on, but also apply to any vehicles (cabin air filer, engine intake air filter).
Our new policy is "what we sold is not only products, but also after service with responsibility", which were admitted by our honored customers worldwide. We will continue to dig out our potential to provide customers with upgraded version and reduce their cost to have the best products for cinema & vehicle industries.
Our manufacturer has honored ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001:2004. Warmly welcomed to visit and contact us today!
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